Hands-On Courses

Hands-on Courses

The following courses are designed to provide workers and employers with awareness/information regarding the related Occupational health and Safety Act requirements, pertinent regulations requirements, and trade/job/task specific requirements, identifying the hazards and controls, risk management and any other responsibilities which relate to the work being performed.

These courses provide information and awareness by one or more of the following methods:

  • Written documentation, hand outs, print outs, diagrams, pictures, etc,
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Video presentations
  • Information retention evaluations (Tests)
  • Review and use of related government documentation (OHSA, regulations, green book, etc.)
  • Industry statistics, articles, and other such productions.

In addition to the above noted, ALL participants are required to participate/demonstrate a hands-on element ensuring practical understanding of the information presented, for courses regarding equipment operation the same applies and training will be conducted on site with the equipment in question and operational controls instruction included.

Hands-On courses include: