March 29 2019 0Comment

Safeware is A Hammer

We here at Safeware know the limits of a digital health and safety software. We understand that safety begins and ends with the worker. Safeware is not the solution to all safety issues. Safeware is a hammer, a tool. A hammer on the floor is useless. A hammer in the right hands can help build a house. In the wrong hands Safeware is just another app on your desktop or phone dock. In the right hands it ca help create and maintain a safe and organized working environment.

Filling out the forms provided on Safeware solves the problem of unorganized paperwork. The data tracking helps point out areas of concern month after month. The mobility of the apps means your safety program is always with you. Gone are the days where you are struggling to find documents from previous months or years. With Safeware’s smart system you’re able to find any form filled out in seconds. Not only accessible but secure. Safeware provides a private server for each client so only they can access the sensitive information.

The uses and ways Safeware can improve your health and safety program are endless. Safeware is a hammer, if a hammer had 15 other things it could do besides only being a hammer.


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