Safeware Services


Safeline started as a safety company ten years ago. Back then our consultants would visit sites with nothing but pen and paper and we provided services for our clients with hard copies of everything. Today, our consultants use the most advanced software in Safelink to provide the most efficient, modern, and informative reports ever. Reports can be generated, populated, and shared all within minutes.  Suffice to say the technology has grown at a rapid pace in the last decade. We didn’t stop there. We always knew there was a next level. Safeware is that next level.

Safeware Tech is a coming of age system which takes construction safety to where it has never been before. Site management and consultants can work together to build extensive databases that can be accessed to all users. Whether it be toolbox talks, JHAs, meeting minutes, and much more, Safeware offers templates and forms for all safety needs. It doesn’t end there. Not only does Safeware provide this information but it also send reminders about what needs to get done, who is missing what documentation, and even upcoming training expiration dates. This is the smart system the industry has been waiting for without even knowing it. Never again shuffle around looking for the meeting minutes from three months ago, with the Safeware database all documents are stored and easy to find. Monthly trend analysis will provide up to date reports with where sites are doing well and where they can improve. Safeware is available for smartphone, tablet, and computer making access as easy as ever. Ten years ago the most advanced tech in the construction safety industry was pen and paper, today the most advanced tech in the construction safety industry is Safeware.

Don’t wait for incidents to happen, build a workplace safety Program.